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10 Tips for Freshers Week!

14 September 2018

From budgeting to staying safe, there's so much to remember when you arrive at university so here's our top 10 tops for making the most out of Freshers Week!

1 – Make friends

Arriving at university is undoubtedly a daunting experience but the sooner you make friends, the sooner you’ll start to feel settled and you won’t miss out on the exciting activities and nights out planned in that first week. So don’t sit in your room, go and knock on your neighbours door… they’ll thank you for it!

2 – Set yourself a budget

You don’t want to blow your first semester’s budget in your first week and with so many events going on during freshers, you don’t want to miss out. Set yourself a realistic daily budget and try to keep to it - and remember, you don’t have to go to EVERYTHING… unless of course you want to!

3 – Get to know your surroundings

Grab a friend and go and explore. Not only will it make your university city feel like home much sooner, it’s practical to know where things are, like the nearest supermarket or the quickest route to university!

4 - Join a society

Head to your Freshers Fair and check out what societies are on offer. It’s a fantastic way to make friends and can be great for your CV!

5  Avoid Fresher’s Flu

It’s easier said than done with such a dramatic lifestyle change but amidst the fun, partying, drinking and late night pizzas, it’s important to try and stay healthy for when the real uni work begins.

Drink plenty of water, stock up on fruit and veg, try and get the odd early night and keep away from anyone you know with germs!

6 – Plan your Food

With all the fun going on it’ll be easy to forget about planning meal times and you could easily end up grabbing food on the go which is costly! Stock your cupboards as soon as you can and get a few simple meal ideas under your belt. Batch making of meals that can be frozen and microwaved later can be both time saving and economical!

7 – Stay Safe!

Being away from home for the first time has a great sense of freedom but it’s important to make sure you stay safe and responsible. Always make sure someone knows where you are and if possible check in with a friend. If you’re out, don’t leave your drinks unattended and never walk home alone.

8 – Register with a GP

Your university will have a health centre for you to register with and it's important you do that as early as possible. Store the number in your phone incase you become unwell.

9 – Be Mental Health Aware

Navigating through the world of university, especially during those first few weeks, can be very demanding and you may feel a mixture of emotions. Should you find yourself worrying about how you, or a friend, are feeling, please seek help and speak to somebody. There’s so much support available to you and no one should ever have to suffer alone.

10 – Have Fun!

Most importantly…. Have fun! You’ve worked hard to get to university so enjoy it! It’s an incredible life experience and you’ll be making memories that will last you forever!



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