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5 study hacks for effective revision!


You’re so close to boxing up this year’s study notes but there’s just one last push to get those exams over and done with before you can put your feet up and enjoy the beer gardens (we’ve got our fingers crossed for some more sunshine by t... Read more...

All you need is love!


Valentine’s Day is coming up and whether you are loved up or enjoying the single life, we are here to help you plan it out! For the loved up couples, whether you are planning to relax or to have a night out on the town, check out some of o... Read more...

Who ate all the pies?!


Oops, we did. We love pies! Meat pie, fruit pie you name it, we’ll try it! Today is national Pie Day so why not have a change from beans on toast and have a go at making your own pie. To cover all bases we’ve found some tasty and cheap reci... Read more...

Events not to miss out on!


Hopefully you’re all settled into your new home for the year and are enjoying University so far! Despite freshers’ week being a distant memory (possibly for the best) and studies now in full swing, we still have some great events based at o... Read more...



Today is Chinese New Year and we're celebrating the year of the dog!


. Read more... >

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