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Helpful Tips for Revision

24 April 2017

We’re here to provide you with a helpful guide on how to make your time over the next few months as productive and stress-free as possible, so that you can enjoy summer break.


Helpful Tips for Revision


As we’re coming into the final stretch of the year, many of you will be dreaming about your summer plans of inter-railing in Europe or sailing in Thailand.  The weather is finally picking up and you’re itching to start planning out your itinerary for summer. Unfortunately, one thing stands in the way – your exams!

Throughout your academic life, you’ll have become familiar with the joys of completing that final exam and enjoying the summer with your friends. So we’re here to provide you with a helpful guide on how to make your time over the next few months as productive and stress-free as possible, so that you can enjoy summer break.


Start Revising Early

When it comes to written exams, often keeping it simple will yield the best results, the same practices you were taught in school will still apply today. You may not have exams for at least a month and a half, but taking the necessary steps to prepare early, will mean you won’t have sleepless nights cramming in that last minute revision.



Make a Revision Timetable

Making a revision timetable allows you to manage your time more effectively and prioritise your workload. You can allocate modules to certain days and balance out your revision through the week; this will ensure you can schedule in breaks and devote time to more difficult topics. .


Find What Works for You

Are you a keen note-taker, writing neatly organised paragraphs with subject headings and bullet points? Or are you someone who prefers to take notes through more visual methods such as spider diagrams? By now you will know what form of note taking you prefer, and you should emulate that in your revision outside of class as well.


Emulate Exam Conditions

If your exam is sat at a single desk in complete silence, it makes sense to revise in those conditions. Learning in the conditions in which you’d sit the exam will help calm your nerves when you set foot into that environment.  


Practice Practice Practice

Complete practice exam papers from previous years, so that you become adept at answering the questions in the way that the examiner wants. Ask your lecturer or tutor to mark your exams so that you have an idea of what you need to improve on going forward.


Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

Ensure that you are eating enough food to fuel your revision, and that you aren’t sacrificing sleep to cram in revision the night before either. Doing this will help you stay focused in the build-up to your exams and help avoid feeling tired on the day could, could affect your performance.



There you have it, a few useful tips that could help you prepare for exam season so that you can enjoy your summer carefree.

If you have any other helpful tips, then please share them on our page with the #DSDeStress tag.

Best of luck!





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