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Applying through clearing? Here's what to do

15 August 2018

You've got your results and now you have a rough idea as to what you're going to do, but you still need somewhere to live! Don't worry if you have any queries then read this blog and if that doesn't answer them, then please get in touch!

University Clearing

Its results day, and you haven’t received an offer from the Universities or courses that you wanted. You may be worried about what you can do next, but there are plenty of options. One is to go through UCAS clearing, to find available course places across a number of universities. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to make the most of this opportunity and land a great course at a great university.

Research what options are available

It’s important to check which universities actually offer clearing. Both Oxford and Cambridge for example do not. It’s also important to see which universities are actively advertising that they are accepting clearing students as they will have more options available.


Use the UCAS Search Tool

Using the UCAS Search Tool, you will be able to break down which universities are offering the course you are looking for. You can then research each university and their version of the course to see what’s right for you.


Call universities directly

This is a fairly direct approach to finding whether a university will take you on, based on your grades, personal statement and how you come across. If you missed out on the grades you needed for your university, you may contact them directly to see if they will still accept you – be prepared to explain why they should, even though your grades didn’t meet the requirements.


Visit universities if possible

It might be difficult to make a decision based off of what you can see on the internet, getting a feel for the university and the city it’s in will help you make your mind on whether it’s a right fit. Many universities hold open days late into the academic year, for this very purpose. Check the university website for scheduled clearing open days.


Prepare for a potential interview

Many universities require some form of interview, if you have applied through clearing, you may still need to attend one. This may be over the phone so ensure you’re prepared. Which? University have a guide, which can help you prepare to secure your place at university.


Sort out your new accommodation

Many university halls are booked well before the UCAS clearing date, however, there are still plenty of options available. Private student accommodation providers such as ourselves offer a range of different rooms to suit your needs. Check us out here and keep an eye on our availability across our accommodation.



There you have it, a short guide on University clearing and how to make the most of it!



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