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So, you’re settled into uni life and now looking at where you can live during your next academic year. If you're currently living with Derwent already, we offer incentives for our loyal students who choose to stay with us for another year. If you're not currently living with us, then read on to find out what Derwent has to offer for you!

We set our prices with bills included so that you won’t come across unexpected bills. We provide fast Wi-Fi - free of charge; you’ll be able to WhatsApp call home or catch up on your favourite online television shows. We insure our rooms with Endsleigh so that all your contents are covered. The safety of our students are important to us; so we have secure entries to our buildings as well as CCTV. Student experience is something that is really important to us; we have one site teams that arrange regular social events

En-Suite vs Studio?

If you're going into your 2nd or 3rd year of studying and are keen to have your own space with private shower room and kitchen facilities, then a studio is definitely for you. You have everything you could possibly need for when you need to work all hours to finish those slightly more arduous projects, with no disturbances. Alternatively, if you are looking to share a flat with the friends you have made this year, our en-suite rooms come with your own bed, desk space and private shower room but enable you to share kitchen facilities with others within a cluster flat.


Isn't private hall accommodation mostly for first year students?

You may think many students may to share a house through a private landlord after their first year of university. We feel it is definitely worth considering private hall accommodation as a returning student instead. Your bills are included in your weekly rent meaning you don't have to worry about being hit by any unexpected costs. Derwent accommodation also has on-site maintenance teams. We take the stress away from you trying to get hold of a landlord to fix a problem. Our accommodation has 24 hour security, on-site offices and free contents insurance. This way, you are safe in the knowledge that you and your possessions are secure. Want to live with friends and share your own flat? Book as a group now and enjoy the experience of your own house, with all the benefits of trusted private halls!

Our locations

We know that the location of University accommodation is one of the most important things to our students. Luckily, all of our buildings are in great locations, so it’s easy for you to get to university by either walking or catching the bus or tram. Our locations are also close to the local shops and entertainment. Discounted travel is available for students on public transport in many of our cities too, even better!

Take the stress out of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year living by knowing that you are living in secure and trusted accommodation. You’ll have your own space and on-site maintenance to fix any problems you may have. Oh, did we mention that all of this comes without the worry of any additional bills too?

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