About Cambridge

With its historic university buildings, quaint cobbled streets, beautiful riverside views and plethora of bars, shops, traditional pubs and restaurants, it is no wonder why Cambridge draws over 3.5 million tourists every year. Home to one of the world’s leading universities, it is also no wonder why the city attracts intellectuals and students in their hoards. Set in amongst stunning college buildings which were once home to some of the most prominent academics, Cambridge is the perfect city to study, socialise, relax and admire.

Derwent Students offer stylish and contemporary student living in the form of Brunswick House which is located less than a mile away from Market Square and home to over 250 rooms.

Top key facts about Cambridge:

  • The University of Cambridge was officially started in 1209 by an association of scholars who came from Oxford.
  • It is the town where: the atom was first split, where the structure of DNA was discovered, where Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution, where Newton developed his theory of gravity, where the order of human DNA was first discovered, where the electron and neutron were discovered, where Stephen Hawking of black-hole fame used to live and work. 
  • There is archaeological evidence of settlement in the area during the Bronze Age and Roman times.




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