• Student Life in Cardiff

    Cardiff is a lively and vibrant city due to its large student population (which makes up 20% of the total number of residents), who study in 4 universities and several colleges. It is the 9th biggest city in the UK and the largest city in Wales. Read more... >

  • 7 Essential Tips For Writing Your Dissertation

    Picture what you expect life is like at university. What comes to mind? Probably a mixture of new friends, hobbies, a new city, sports, partying and independence. But what about that tiny issue of work? Read more... >

  • Making the Most of Extra-Curricular Activities at University

    University is about so much more than just your degree. Whilst your studies will take up the main bulk of your time and energy (and so they should), most people only get one chance to live the university experience, so it’s really important to enjoy as many extra-curricular and social activities as you can. Read more... >

  • Student Life in Birmingham

    Birmingham accommodates over 65,000 students who study across five top universities and several FE colleges. Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK with a population of almost 1.1 million people. Read more... >

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