• Student Life in Birmingham

    Birmingham accommodates over 65,000 students who study across five top universities and several FE colleges. Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK with a population of almost 1.1 million people. Read more... >

  • Spring Forward…

    The clocks change at 1am on Sunday 29th March this year, meaning we lose an hour of sleep. But, don’t fear! British Summer Time sees the arrival of longer days, warmer weather, and a whole heap of other things to look forward to. Read more... >

  • St. Patrick's Day - History, Celebrations & Traditions

    St. Patrick’s Day is an international festival held every year on March 17th, which celebrates the Irish culture through wearing green, consuming traditional Irish food and drink, dancing and parades. What originally started as a religious holiday based on the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland), has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. Read more... >

  • How To Get Fit On A Student Budget

    We’re betting that, like us, your new year’s resolutions probably slipped after a week or two. In bad weather, with dark nights and slippery pavements, who has the motivation to go for a run when there’s tea to drink and biscuits to dunk? Read more... >

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