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Top 4 things to do on a lockdown weekend

27 January 2021

If you are wondering what to do at the weekends during lockdown, then check this out.

Lockdown is a very serious time for all of us, but there are a few things that can help you get through it and enjoy the weekends at home.

Here are our Top 4:

  1. Cooking: So, you can’t get to your favourite restaurant this weekend because its shut. Why not try making something delicious at home? There are tonnes of great recipes for tasty treats and home comfort food online. Why not check out Nadiya Bakes on the BBC website or @butterbaking on Instagram for some inspiration.
  1. The Quiz: Maybe you’ve had lots of lectures on zoom, but it’s also a useful tool for bringing the pub quiz to your own room. If you can get a group of mates together and all pick a category to create questions, then you can have quite a laugh.
  1. Watch Party: This is a cool feature that loads of sites like YouTube and Amazon have started to use. Instead of watching your favourite shows or gigs alone, why not watch them with a group of mates from the comfort of your own rooms. You could even setup your tent in your room to give it that extra festival feeling.
  1. Fresh Air: At some point this weekend you’re going to get sick of being indoors, so it’s important to go outside. Whether it be for a steady walk or a quick run, make sure you are sticking to the government guidelines. Why not check out some of these free walking apps to help you plan your route Footpath Route Planner (for iPhone) Go Jauntly (for iPhone and Android) or OS Maps (for iPhone, Android and web).


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Top 4 things to do on a lockdown weekend


If you are wondering what to do at the weekends during lockdown, then check this out.. Read more... >

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