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It's hot hot hot

24 July 2019

With temperatures soaring we scoured the web for some top tips to keep cool

We all love a lovely sunny day but when the temperatures soar keeping cool can be challenging - here's are some tips for keeping cool! You're welcome...


1. A pretty obvious one, but worth reiterating - wear loose, light clothing

2. Ditch your duvet and sleep under a sheet

3. Open windows and close the curtains (especially those on windows in direct sunlight)

4. Keep internal doors open to get good air circulation

5. Soak a towel or tshirt in cold water and lay it over you when you go to bed

6. Fill a hotwater bottle with ice cold water and put your feet on it when you go to bed

7. A lukewarm shower is a great way to cool down before bedtime

8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - but not with alcohol! drink water, lower fat milks, tea or coffee to prevent dehydration, you can also eat foods with a high water content such as strawberries, cucumber, courgettes, lettuce, celery or melon.

9. Don't forget to put the sunscreen on

10. Carry a misting spray with you, a quick spritz can cool and revive you

11. A fan is also another must have for when you're out and about, use a hand held battery operated one or a more traditional fan for a great way to cool yourself down.


Enjoy the sunshine and let us know which of our tips you tried out. Let us know over on Twitter or Facebook



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