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Go Green

14 October 2020

Check out these tips from our Green Team, these will help you minimise your impact on the environment - small changes make big differences

We all need to do our bit, here at Derwent Students we have a Green Team they work in all areas of our business to improve our environmental impact and sustainability. These guys know their stuff and they have shared their top ten tips for how you can do you bit!

TIP ONE: Switching your thermostat down by 1 degree can save up to 10% in energy consumption 

TIP TWO: Think about putting on an extra jumper before dialling up the heating, invest in some fingerless mittens to keep your hands and mittens toastie

TIP THREE: Quick showers use less water - you knew that yeah, but do you always do this? 

TIP FOUR: Turn off the tape whilst you brush your teeth

TIP FIVE: Tell us if you have a dripping tap in your flat/bathroom so we can get it fixed quickly

TIP SIX: Recycle as much waste as you can - make sure you check out the recycling facilities at your accommodation

TIP SEVEN: Switch off lights and plugs when you leave your room, don't leave things on standby

TIP EIGHT: Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need to make your cuppa or cook your pasta

TIP NINE: Getting rid of stuff - don't bin it take it to a local charity shop or see if your mates would like it. You could list of Freecycle - Remember your rubbish could be someone's recycle project

TIP TEN: Use LED and energy efficient light bulb

     When everyone does small things they add up to a big difference

     If you only put half of these into action that's a great start






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Go Green


Check out these tips from our Green Team, these will help you minimise your impact on the environment - small changes make big differences. Read more... >

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