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Coming to Sheffield? Help us help you!

28 August 2019

If you're coming to stay with us in Sheffield here's some important information about moving in day

Coming to university and leaving home for the first time are big events!

We know you’ll be so excited to get started on your course and meet new friends. Your family are bound to want to make sure you settle in ok, it’s all a part of the excitement of moving out. Mums, dads, siblings and grandparents alike want to set you on your way and see where you’re going to live.

Obviously we understand this and in the buzz of the going to uni you’re bound to get a little carried away with how much you’re bringing too!

Green city

Here in Sheffield we’re looking to keep our city as green as possible, so, working alongside the council we’re trying to protect our environment and also keep our students and their families as stress free as possible on moving in day.

With this in mind, and due to huge traffic issues last year, we have implemented a one car policy. Please don’t bring more than one car to drop off your stuff on move in weekend.

Help each other

We know you want all your home comforts but keep in mind there will be 404 of you moving in across The Trigon, The Cube, and One Brittain Street as well as all the other Sheffield Hallam University students moving in across the city. In addition to this, Sheffield University are moving their students in as well!  All of this traffic will be coming into the city, past our buildings! So be prepared for how busy it’s going to be.

Go Green - Park and Ride

Obviously your families can still come and help you settle in and see where you’ll be living, but we’d suggest they park at the Park and Ride stops dotted around Sheffield (see map). This gives them the opportunity to see more of Sheffield whilst you pick up your keys. And they get to have a go on the Supertram – something most people from cities/towns that don’t have a tram like to try out!

Tram stop map for Sheffield

Keep the city moving

The aim is to keep extra cars out of the city centre and ensure everybody gets where they’re going as quickly as possible. Also, keep in mind we don’t have off road parking, this means students can get parked up, unloaded and moved in much faster.

And just think, if you haven’t brought everything you own in one trip it gives friends and family an excuse to visit during the week or at weekends!


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