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Make sure you get your deposit returned


How to make sure you get your deposit returned in full!. Read more... >

Applying through clearing? Here's what to do


You've got your results and now you have a rough idea as to what you're going to do, but you still need somewhere to live! Don't worry if you have any queries then read this blog and if that doesn't answer them, then please get in touch!. Read more... >

Why study in the UK?


Thinking about studying in the UK? Well, this blog will give you all the benefits of doing just that.. Read more... >

How to prepare for university


Leaving for university can be daunting, for many of you it may be the first time you’ve lived away from home. If you’re unsure about what to bring with you, what sort of preparation you need to do or even whether or not you should be making friends weeks before you arrive, fear not. Here is an overview of how you can best prepare for your move to university.. Read more... >

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