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Unusual, budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas for friends, family and flatmates!

1 December 2016

It’s the 1st of December which can only mean one thing…it’s time to crack open the advent calendar. Hurray for chocolate for breakfast!

But wait, it could also mean something else, it really is time to start that Crimbo shopping…

If you use the internet, occasionally visit a town or city centre and don’t live under a rock, I’m sure you’re already more than aware that Christmas is fast approaching (and has been for about 3 months now thanks to those “seasonal” aisles in the supermarket).

Despite the substantial lead up, there’s still a lot of us (*cough* us *cough*) that have yet to buy gifts for our loved ones and anxious secret Santa picks.

Fear not, last minute lads and ladies, there is still enough time to order some of these top picks online before the big guy in the red suit arrives and not only that, but we have carefully selected some of the most unique, budget-friendly gift ideas for you to proudly deliver to your loved ones, pals and flatmates.

So dig out that leftover ribbon from last year and start practising finding the end of that sellotape, because it’s time to get wrapping!


For the ice cream lover

Now here’s a gift that you may actually benefit from too. Homemade ice cream in 3 minutes?  Surely you can’t put a price on that?


£15.99 from Firebox


For the friend with the fabulous hair and/or unicorn obsession

For a truly magical, hair preserving shower, this unicorn shower cap would be perfect. And at only £4.95, it’d be rude not get yourself one too!


£4.95 from Prezzybox


For the selfie fanatic

We all know that one person who has perfected the art of selfie taking. However, perhaps you’re a little bored of constantly seeing their face THAT close and/or bored of being cropped out of your group selfies? Well look no further than this remote controller for taking selfies on your phone. Like a selfie stick, but a lot less annoying and a lot more cool.


£8.99 from IWOOT

For the emotionless friend

Some people struggle to express themselves and their emotions. Enter these face beer mats which hang off your nose and mimic any emotion, facial hair or expression known to man! Sorted. Just £4.95 for 40 different images.


£4.95 from Prezzybox

For the crazy cat lover

Know someone who loves cats but slightly fear for their life? We hear you. This witty and scarily accurate book will help them to decipher if their pet is trying to kill them. Naturally.


£9.95 from Prezzybox


For the techy sci-fi lover

Keep seeing those 360 photos and videos online? Us too. Your geekiest of friends will get the most out of them with this space-age accessory.


£17.99 from IWOOT


For the clumsy one

Your clumsy friend will never have to worry about being embarrassed again with these super snazzy superhero plasters!


£3.95 from Prezzybox


For the immaculately pampered one

They may have a complete rainbow set if nail varnishes but do they have a special accessory for applying it? They do now..


£14.99 from Firebox




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